Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Sorry I didn't get to post the winner the last couple of days it's been a bit hectic around here.
What with Hubby going back to work in London after a week working in Huntingdon and Jack going back to school today after being off for 2 weeks.
Now Jack is panicking about when his volcano has to be in, did any of you make one when you were at school?
Hubby and I didn't and until last year I always thought is was an American thing.
I have to admit that I love playing with papier mache, in the past it have tried to get Jack to make pinatas so we could use it but he was never really bothered.
Although he does like the made ones you can buy in the shops.
I have really had to try hard not to do the odd bit whilst Jack's been in bed or today whilst he was back at school, I'm so sad ;P
I will post a photo when it's finished.
OK back to the winner.
Guys do any of you know how you get the Random Number Generator to print as a little box?
I can make them work but below is the best I could manage to put on the blog.
Sorry side tracked again, drum roll please:-
True Random Number Generator 14 Powered by RANDOM.ORG
So the winner is number 14 which is Angelina, in Australia same as Nova. Cool.
If you email me Angelina I will pass on your details to Love all you knitting by the way :)
Hopefully I will be back at the end of the week with some photo's of what I've been up to since Christmas.
Bye for now,

Friday, 6 April 2012

As Promised a Giveaway!

So I said I'd show you some of the stuff I have been doing since I posted in December, but it's late and I want to do the giveaway I promised.

The lovely Nova let me test her second pattern, and boy did I luck out!
I've been following Nova's blog for a couple of years and she always makes such beautiful pieces.

The pattern is called Nesting Fabric Bowls but it is so, so, so much more.
The basic pattern is as it says a bowl but Nova has expanded on this idea not one but several times.
She shows you how to make the bowl into a square, how to add handles and pockets, how to make smaller ones that you can hang up, it's like having 3 or 4 patterns in one.
And if that wasn't enough she even shows you how to use an formula to make a bowl in which ever size you want to, and don't worry if like me maths is not your best subject she has put the formula onto a foolproof worksheet.

This is the one I made for my lace knitting, I used an old pair of Jeans and this really cute owl fabric and it goes all round the house with me and to my Needles and Natter group.
I used the 6" bowl and added one handle and inside pockets.

I also made a 9" bowl for my Hubby for his room in the Mess.
I've had these flags for a while and thought they would be great for Hubby.

Honestly these bowls are addictive and I plan on making more once I've caught up with all the other sewing I'm half way through.

Nova the Sweetie she is has offered to give a pattern to one lucky reader.

So if you'd like to get your sticky mitts on a PDF of this fabulous pattern, I'd like you to tell me what you plan to put in the bowl or bowls when they are finished.
That's it you don't have to sign up follow the blog to enter but if you'd like to, that would be lovely ;)

If you don't win or you just can't wait, pop over to Nova's blog here A Cuppa and a Catch up

Ok I need to sign off now as it's bedtime.


Friday, 30 March 2012

I'm still here.

Sorry I disappeared for a while but I've still been making things.
I will load some photo's of the one's I remembered to photograph in a day or two.
I also have a really cool giveaway coming up that you will want to see.
I haven't forgotten my 5 ladies either I have your little parcels worked out I just need to get them finished.

Keep smiling and I'll see you soon.